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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  September 10, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. it's a fine friday. nice to see you. finally today some real leadership and some real passion from our president. especially when it comes to the mosque near ground zero and the anti-muslim sentiment in this country. is it enough to get us off this crazy train of hate and fear? plus, what we should all be really worried about today, getting people back to work. what the president got right and what he got wrong when it comes to our economy. also legalizing marijuana. it will end western civilization as we moe it, right? right? maybe not. it's the topic of our daily rant. tourre is in the house. the show starts right now. ♪ >> well in america today we're functioning on fear. the president trying to show leadership on the economy but hijacked by a wacky pastor from
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florida. using his first news conference since the spring to remind americans that we are all in this together. >> i've got muslims who are fighting in afghanistan. in the uniform of the united states armed services. and part of honoring their service is making sure they understand that we don't differentiate between them and us. it's just us. >> we heard from the president today what we should have heard a month ago before the boogeyman, islam, was allowed to take over. but still what millions of jobless americans are watching for this morning is news about how they're going to get back to work and how the president is going to go about doing it. this is what they heard. >> people are angry. since i'm the president, and democrats have control of the house and the senate, it's understandable that people are
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saying what have you done? but the american people didn't send us here to think about hour jobs. they sent us here to think about theirs. in an environment where we still have 9.5% unemployment. it's time to stop playing games. let's stop giving tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas. >> so this is a second stimulus? >> i will keep on trying to stimulate growth and jobs for as long as i'm president of the united states. >> and as long as i don't have to hestop the six major industrs that control the money. the president trying to write his own headlines on two front page issues. we deserves to be there, the economy. and another, korans in the islamic center that has served as nothing more than a distraction from the crisis facing america's middle class and the continued corruption and deterioration of the way our government functions relative to the people and the future of this country. joining us now, new york times
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political columnist matt bayh. and here in new york, author of the new book "third world america." she's got a string of ideas and solutions solutions. specifically, an end of the fear in ourselves and the country to improve the way we respond to provocations like this. i want to start with you, matt, if i can. what is your perception of the president's understanding and attunement to what is actually troubling the country in a legitimate way. >> well, thanks for having me, dylan. and hello, arianna. nice to see you you. he obviously gets it. people are angry. he's a smart guy. he sees what's going on. we think of the presidency as a pully pulpit. the president can set the agenda and conversation. i don't think that's true. there's a lot of noise out there
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and a lot of outlets for people to make opposition known and other thoughts known. they've found, as other presidents have increasingly that it's difficult to breakthrough. that's you see him out there to talk about the economy. they understand that he needs to to the extent he can to exert control over the conversation. as you see at a news conference you can't do that. you have reporters like me and others taking him off in this direction or the other. i think it's a challenge for him, even though we don't see it that way to control the conversation and make the argument and make it understood as they head into the midterms. >> but don't you think more important than controlling the conversation is controlling the kind of policies that are needed to get us out of the stagnation that we are in. and to change the lives that millions of americans are living now. no jobs, homes being foreclosed. every 30 seconds somebody in this country declares bankruptcy. i don't know about you, but i
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have many friends whose kids have graduated from college and cannot get jobs. two-thirds of americans believe their children will not do as well as they did. these are not conversations. these are facts that affect people's lives. >> i don't think anybody is going to argue the conversation is more important than the policy. >> you mean the other way around. >> yes, of course i do. no one is going to argue that the conversation is more important than the policy. but you have to be realistic and look at it and say the economic trajectory is probably set. nothing he will do will change it by election day. the argument becomes important. he's trying to make a difficult argument. forget the way you feel now in the situation you think we're facing. wipe the slate clean. this is where we are. it's a difficult argument to make. you need to make it forcefully and repeatedly.
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i don't think you'll change the economic climate between now and election day. they understand that. >> i agree he's not going to get unemployment down below 9.6 before the election. if he's lucky it won't get higher. he can, for example, and he hinted he will do that, nominate elizabeth warren to lead the consumer protect bureau. that's a significant move that shows that he's going to finally put someone in the leadership position who cares for struggling middle-class families. otherwise the economic team is dominated by people who fundamentally care about washington, worry about how the markets will respond to whatever is happening. >> i guess my question to you, matt is this, it's obvious the american people, if you look at the polling data or whatever it is, they don't want the republicans in the current
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incarnation. it is also apparent they're disappointed with the democrats. >> what's new? >> well, what's new is it's never reached this level of extremity. it hasn't been at this level. we haven't had this level of transparency as to how much the six industries that control the government irrespective of which party is in charge is spending, and we haven't had a situation where the foreclosure rates and the distortions in the economy because of the manipulation of the industries has led to the destruction of human life on the country in the level that arianna has. it's a flippant answer. what is new to the unemployed, what's new to those who can't get a job, who's new to those who have been denied pension and retirement to fund a gambling casino in new york is substantial. the reason the president and the democrats are in trouble because while they talk a good game and they have great talking points.
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i love when i can put the boog in cameras at the same time. it's like a magic trick. but the point is, there's a political reality here bigger than the democrats and the republicans. it's bigger than this fall's election. i believe barack obama was elected to try to address some of that. i don't think that he has. he may be saying he has. the six industries still control this government. he may say he gets it, but his actions, arianna, do not suggest that the does get it. >> go ahead, matt. >> i'm not making a flippant answer. you may be confusing me with a white house economic adviser. i'm not making policy. my point was arianna was writing 15 years ago about -- 10 or 15 years ago about overthrowing the government t fact your of two-party politics. the voters are itching to throw out the governing party. that is because of a frustration
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with the status quo with both parties with the establishment in washington and the sense that no matter who gets elected, it's not in the voter's satisfaction. this is a long term friend playing out in ever more rapid cycles in the electorate. >> i think, matt, wouldn't you agree that what is new is that here we have inkrecredible evide of what the banks did and what the economy did wrecked the economy. the taxpayers bailed them out. they cut lending while continuing to use the dirty ethics to make money. there's a split between the washington economy and the real economy, which is extreme. that is new. that is fielding the anger, the sense of unfairness that's so palpable.
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it's so extreme right now that it's creating this danger where people are coming out of fear and looking for scapegoats. >> how do you address that, specifically? a lot of what we're seeing with the muslim hate that continues to rise up in the counted combined with the lack of jobs and the sense of fear and the sense of it being a predatory economy where certain members are preying for other members of the economy to feast upon. whether taking the house, the job, or whatever it is. when you did this book, you did a lot of reporting for those who are being used as prey for those who do not have the opportunity or don't have the opportunity to compete in the same way. >> well, the conclusion that i reached after a year of writing this book and traveling around the country is there is an intersection between the political and the personal.
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first we elect barack obama, we elect democrats and they're going to fix everything. democracy is not a spectacular sport. we need to be involved. we need to be vigilant. we need to take steps in our own community which are independent of government. i have like seven steps i won't go through all of them. but quickly, three. the first one is we need to tap into our own resilience and personal strength. i've talked to so many people who are really stressed. who cannot get out of bed. these are blue-collar workers and also people with college degrees with good jobs and middle class lives and they can't get another job. so they need to tap into the part of them that believes they can turn things around. many of them are doing that. many of them are not. changing that dynamic is important.
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>> that psychological dynamic. >> and finding support in your community. many are using social media to do that. but also coming together makes a big difference. the second is building up your finances. for $5 a month, they help people understand mortgage contracts, credit card contracts. all the tricks and traps that can be hidden there so they can move their family an to a safe financial ground. the third thing is giving back i was stunned when i discovered a man in portland, oregon. he lost his job. he realized the only thing he had in a abundance was time. he create ad site called time to to help dot-com. he went from a victim to a helper, a contributor.
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now he's a contributing member of society. even though he still doesn't have a job. >> your relationship with your community to matt's point and your point changes dramatically. >> pressure and government need to do the right thing. there's a light we can do in their own communities. >> a real pleasure. congratulations on another book. matt, a real pleasure as well. thanks for giving us a piece of your afternoon, and having the conversation, matt. coming up here on "the dylan ratigan show," the sorted tale of pastor terry jones and what we think is his attempt to hijack september 11th. he may be the latest terrorist. who cares what he thinks about the the mosque near ground zero? we'll talk to the woman representing the people who live in lower manhattan. including myself. maybe the scaffolding. also, what this whole mess has
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>> this may be one individual in florida. part of my concern is to make sure we don't start having a whole bunch of folks all across the country think this is the way to get attention. this is a way of endangering our troops. you don't play games with that. i hardly think we're the ones who elevated this story. >> president obama today
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denouncing the florida pastor's threat to burn the koran. right now tomorrow's koran burning is off. if you're keeping track, according to whackadoodle terrorist terry jones. that could change any minute. this afternoon he issued a challenge. any good terrorist has challenges to try to get leverage. terry jones is no different. his challenge is to get the imam to call him and tell him two things, one, whether he could sit down and meet, and two, whether he could move the sen r center. apparently he's negotiating to put at risk the lives of innocent folks around the world. pastor jones repeatedly claimed he was promised the center be moved. apparently he had leverage in his brain.
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the imam has flatly denied that. whackadoodle applies. in many ways the damage is already done in my view, in afghanistan today thousands prothatpr protesting the plan. the energy has come up in our counted. there are protests plans for september 11th. still jones says don't blame him. >> we do not feel responsible. we do not pull the trigger. it reveals the true nature of islam. >> he has no idea what was in the koran when he asked. apparently when somebody gets killed, he decides that's what it is. an interesting concept. julie voted in favor of the islamic center. also ambassador mark ginsburg. ambassador, i'll begin with you. how dangerous is the idea of
4:20 pm
allowing fighting fundamentalist activists who want to kill you and a global religion. >> it's clear what may happen, whether it actually happens to the burning of the koran or not, he's already provoked a huge fire storm throughout the arab world. there's 500 million arabs that watch television every night. they're watching the demonstrations in pakistan and afghanistan. they wonder why the president of the united states doesn't have the bauer to stop them. they wonder why the narrative in the united states appears more and more anti islamic despite the efforts by the united states to quell the anti islamic phobia that exists. that's the real danger. it's not to our military. it's also to our embassies. >> of course. anybody with an american flag in the wrong country is going to be in bad shape. but how much of this is a
4:21 pm
functional of the exploitations of cheap nickel and dime politicians looking to get their own thing up? they're like, listen, we know we can freak out everybody about the muslims. let's get a little muslim action on the floor. next thing we know, everybody will be talking about me, whoever i am. should we blame karl rove or newt gingrich? is it wrong to blame it on terry jones who is really a nut bag who should be taken to guantanamo with the rest of them? >> there's a long list of politicians in the country who seemed to have returned 9/11, instead of a dedication, to basically trig ner the united states the anti islamic attitude, where americans who already had a hard enough time understanding the true nature of a reasonable religion against a religion that was hijacked, a political ideology by al qaeda.
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whether it's newt gingrich or this wacko down in florida. the fact remains those now going after the community center in lower manhattan have been able to make it far more complicated for us to launch what is essentially a reasonable effort to try to bring the divide between the united states and the islamic community. >> is there a way to bridge that? >> holden, to julie. i'm sorry. that was my fault. >> absolutely. a couple weeks ago i suggested several floors of the center could be interfaith space. where jews and christians and muslims could all worship. that's what they did at the pentagon. after 9/11 they built an interfaith nondenominational chapel. there was no controversy whatsoever. so i suggested that this idea be employed at the center. they seem receptive to that.
4:23 pm
that's a way to move the dialogue forward. it's not good for the community, it's not good for the country. >> it's clear if we don't lead into this problem and displace the wackadoodle politicians with something else, if you get out of the way, you know what's going to happen if you lay off the ball. do you feel like the neighborhood, the city, the developer are ready to lean on the ball and say no, sarah palin, no, karl rove, harry reid. >> sarah palin, newt gingrich and this pastor have endangered our community. we're the number one terrorist targeted in the united states. we're the only neighborhood that's been attackedwice by terrorists. >> but they're making a lot of money selling books. it's not even the troops abroad. it's what's happening here in the united states. it's totally irresponsible. if they really wanted to keep
4:24 pm
new york and america safe, they would join us in the fight to restore homeland security funding to new york city, which keeps getting funding cut every year. >> do you like the idea of pushing against the muslim haters in the country and the political opportunists by driving towards the unity message especially on 9/11? >> absolutely. the bottom line is i spend most of my career in the arab and muslim world and throughout the muslim world. we basically have to beat al qaeda. there are still hundreds of al qaeda operatives. there's still thousands that wish to join in the ranks. we'll never, ever stop the narrative from becoming attractive unless we clean up our act at home. where that starts is understanding that politicizing war against terror for political gain is a no win nor the troops or the united states. >> is the problem we're at war with a concept, as opposed to an
4:25 pm
objective. as long as you're at war with a concept, isn't it always possible to redivine it and redivine it until all the sudden i'm a terrorist, you're a terrorist. julie is a terrorist. terror is everywhere? >> of course. that's part of the problem. the bottom line is that we have got to keep our eyes on who the real enemy is here. the b enemy is not islam. the enemy are those who have hijacked an ideology and used religion to justify their goals of killing americans, jews and thousands and thousands of muslims already. >> there was a bipartisan commission that came up with a set of recommendations 8 1/2 years ago. the majority of those recommendations vice presidehav adopted. there are # # committees and sub committees in washington that
4:26 pm
deal with intelligence. the 9/11 commission recommended one in the house and one in the senate. these are the recommendations we should be focusing on. >> i couldn't agree more, julia. real pleasure to meet with you and talk with you. ambassador ginsburg, thank you, too. thank you for your time today. up next, literally, lights out in america. 130 years after thomas edison flipped a switch for the first time. the last factory making incon descent lightbulbs are closing their doors this month. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better
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lights out in america, literally. this month ge going to close the last u.s. factory still
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producing these incondescent light bulb. it's being dropped in favor of this lovely fluorescent flight bulb that uses 75% less electricity. creates the same amount of light. good for the environment. good for the energy grid. good for fighting terrorists who make money selling oil. however, bad for american jobs. most of the new light bulbs are made in china. as a result, thomas light bulb's entirely outsourced. you know it's only a matter of time before ge outsource to china. still ahead, the politics of pot. my friend tourre joining us to clear the debate for and against legalizing marijuana in america. plus, why is the pentagon trying to sensor a new book about the war in afghanistan. and president back to the gop and economy. will it work?
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welcome back. president obama casting the republicans as a party of no. the pentagon moving into the book buying business in order to protect content they believe is dangerous. president obama continuing to demonize republicans for blocking him on defending the ailing economy. >> one thing we can do next week is end a month-long standoff on a small business jobs bill that's been held up in the senate by a partisan minority. it's a bill that's been praised by the chamber of commerce.
4:35 pm
yet a minority of republican senators are using legislative tactics to prevent the bill from getting to a vote. >> one republican breaking ranks. ohio senator says he'll vote with democrats on a package of small business incentives, possibly ending a gop filibuster is demonizing republicans the best strategy for democrats to try to get them to change their behavior? a pleasure to see you both. david, what do you say? is it time to get straight after the republicans and go full demonization on them, between now and the election and really try to pin them as the party of no? >> i don't think that's the right approach. think the americans will respond much more favorably to getting something done. part of the special sauce that led to barack obama as president is he held out hope for bipartisanship. i lay full blame at the feet of mitch mcconnell and senate republicans for being
4:36 pm
destructionists. if we have the opportunity to get something done. one senator said we're out of time for messaging. it's time to actually help the people who are hurting. bravo. you're actually right. if we get something done, then the president should praise the republicans who vote for it. >> jordan, your thoughts on demonizing the republicans as a political strategy between here and there? >> i'll agree with david to an extent here. i love that the president keeps doing this when we know the american people are sick and tired of more government spending, saying $35 billion here or $50 billion here. we know the t.a.r.p. money is $750 billion. we have $350 billion still sitting there. it takes a long time for that money to get to the american people. if the president gives speeches and press conferences like this. hooray for conservatives. >> et us talk about this book. lieutenant colonial anthony shaver with a new book out.
4:37 pm
"operation dark heart." here it is. and the pentagon on the war path. in fact, their aspect is as follows. trying to buy and destroy the first prin printing of all the the cob pis. we have one. we'll try to sell it to them. he served in afghanistan in between, within his book he describes covert operations, including an aborted plan to eavesdrop on al qaeda members using advanced surveillance technology. a new version of the book being produced minus what the d.o.d. believes is classified materials. it doesn't say what will happen in this turkey. we might get a nice bed from the pentagon. what kind of world do you live in where the book is published. it's in the hands of whoever would like to have it, they have it. after it's published, the
4:38 pm
pentagon says hold on, it's classified. now we have to buy all the books. >> i have a hard enough time explaining pentagon logic. this is like bizzaro pentagon world. i can't figure it out. for example, those of us who have security clearances in government like i did when i worked in government. we have to sign a contract that says we want to write a book, it has to be prescreened by the government. that's what happened here. it was prescreened. somebody drop the ball? did somebody forget there was stuff to keep out? that's bizarro question number one. there are federal courts where they can join any book seller from selling this. if they felt there was a national security amendment that trumps the first amendment. that's what the law is for. they're not doing that. they're taking your taxpayer dollars and mine and buying books instead. that makes more sense in pentagon bizarro world. >> we do know the army initially approved this.
4:39 pm
we don't know if other branches of the intelligence service had a chance to look at this. if he thought the book, now it's got all this attention h could get through the process without facing the lawsuit david was talking about, why not push forward? instead it's reported they made a deal. if he thought it could win, why not push forward? there must be something there really troubling to the cia. we are all talking about it. i think it was a screw up somewhere in the army ranks. he should -- if he thought he could win this, why not fight it, and then get your book out? >> come on. this would be the best thing for book sales ever. i'm trying to figure out what part is classified. page 114. this sounds good. he says. he gave the money to her and she put it under her dress and continued to be pregnant. >> wow. that's where we're using your taxpayer dollars, right there. sure. >> all right. listen. i'm done with you gentlemen, but it's not because i don't love you. i appreciate the conversation this afternoon.
4:40 pm
have a great afternoon. talk to you soon. >> thanks, dylan. up next, will the next sheriff of wall street please stand up, people? two years after the financial meltdown. the ongoing egregious practices of the financial industry, totally in control of the government. 40% of political donations and the total number of banksters that have had their bonuses back. will anyone ever be put behind bars? ♪ band: every day you check the weather check the time check the news online ♪
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two queers two years after the total collapse of the financial system, the greatest theft ever, unpunished. it's fine. not a big deal. not a single one of any of the wall street swindlers -- hang on, excuse me, handcuffs or shipped off to prison. they cost the american taxpayers millions in lost wages, savings, pension. brought the world's economy to its knees. the ratings agencies making up devices to sell to pension fund managers. fraudulent, but not proven, so -- the federal commissioner examing the cause of the crisis will show its findings to
4:45 pm
prosecutors. eric denaldo, a democrat, running for the office. former insurance commissioner. very familiar with the aig structures and schemes. it's a pleasure to see you again. >> thank you. >> why is nobody in these? >> i think you're going to have a hard time making some of the criminal cases because congress created laws, changed 100-year-old safe legislation that allowed this to go on and invited the conduct we see. the leverage, conduct. they said, look, all bets are off. do whatever you want. it's no longer regulated. when it's no longer regulated it's hard to prove it's against the law. some of that weighs on congress' feet. >> what about the simple fact that i have retirees' pension funds. i have insurance funds, life insurance funds that are buying so-called aaa securities. i'm taking the retirement money of the workers of america, not to invest it in america, not to invest it in a business, but to buy a ginned up piece of
4:46 pm
speculation from an investment bank that i've been told is aaa that has basically no aaa characteristics. >> so that's why i want to be the next attorney general for new york state, to look at those questions. did the banks know they were putting in all kinds of garbage? even though the reading agencies might have thought it was aaa or got paid to say it was aaa, did they understand it was in fact toxic. when i was in the attorney general's office, the cases you did, you could see through the evidence, the facts, the e-mails, they knew what was going on. if you see that again, you can have civil and criminal cases. >> look at the advocate's deal. you have a group of people saying these are a bunch of loans i think are worthless, and i want to bet they're going to be worthless, but there's no way to do it. can we manufacture the device and bet on its decline?
4:47 pm
magnatar. they're creating credit that they know is bad credit and betting the bad credit will decline. why does it take the former new york state insurance commissioner and the audacity to try to investigate that? >> there's a couple reasons. the first thing is the next a.g. has to have the kind of experience i've had. i went through the financial crisis, i was a regulator. i understand the financial regulatory reform that came through. you want somebody who look what came out of washington and understand what has gone on. and what evidence there is to justify that kind of case. >> but what i'm saying, when there's this much money on the line, and the there's this level of deflection -- why do i need an expert like you, when any lawyer should be able to learn how the money was stolen. >> that's the beauty of the attorney general's office. you have an independent separate policing function there. it's not a regulatory function. it doesn't have anything to do with setting capital requirements or any
4:48 pm
responsibilities. just looking at it objectively. taking a look the evidence, and seeing it if measures up to criminal or civil cases. the rating agency certainly made a major review of what went on. these are just like the conflicts of interests that we did back in 2000. same stuff. >> if you read the reporting. look at michael lewis' book, if you look at the reporting, it looks a lot worse than that. >> it does. >> it looks like you had rich guys trying to figure out how to inflate a balloon that was a bunch of credits, a bunch of loans, to people who couldn't pay it back, not because they wanted to make the loans, but they got the money to make the loans for pension fund managers, and then went to aig and others and bet the balloon was going to pop. it was a the balloon they were credit creating. >> i know that sounds on the dry side. but that goes to disclosure and
4:49 pm
transparency. the three things i always emphasize a regulator and prosecutor has to look at that would be the bottom line requirements is, is there transparency? is there a lack of interests? sh there adequate capital behind the commitments you're holding out? >> but does it surprise you that it comes down to weather new york can elect the former insurance institution in order to pursue anybody on wall street that it comes down to you, you're one of five candidates for attorney general, and we're supposed to roll the dice onto whether the good guy gets elected to protect america? >> but that's why i'm out here. >> are you surprised? are you saying i cannot believe this? >> well, it's not an appointed position. it's an elected position. people have to care. they should care about the qualifications of the next attorney general. known of the other candidates has done the wall street cases, done the cases as a public
4:50 pm
official. >> how badly have the pensions been ripped off by the speculation in the credit casino from the banks? >> the image is pretty serious. that's a great opportunity for the attorney general's office to work with a different pension across the country and new york particularly. yes. >> i have to get out of there. is there a reason they've not been able to file lawsuits against the banks? >> i think some have. they should. they need a champion. that is potentially the attorney general's office. there's a very natural partnership that should be pursued. >> i totally agree. if you get elected, bring these with you. eric denallo running for attorney general here in new york. intimately familiar with the dynamics in the financial industry that is plaguing our entire country. coming up on "hardball." was that a little bob marley
4:51 pm
coming up there? anyway, chris matthews and the judge's big ruling on don't ask, don't tell. first, tourre is there. there's the bob marley. explaining why legalized marijuana is not the end of civilization as we know it. it's a typecast there. pleasure to see you. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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time for friday's installment of the daily rant. this fall california voters will make history if they decide to
4:55 pm
legalize pot for personal use with a ballot measure entitled proposition 19. opponents of prop 19 say if the measure passes it will unleash a slew of problem from gang violence to drug abuse. my man tourre has a slightly different take. take it away, sir. >> every night millions of upstanding americans return home after a day of work, put the kids to bed, and grab a joint. they puff, puff pass and get mellow. and my mom is watching, i have never, ever done that. is this immoral behavior? it is not. soon in california, it might be legal. proposition 19, regulate control and tax marijuana. it would allow adults to have an ounce of marijuana and to grow at a private residence. it means the all american pursuit of happiness and do what you like in the privacy of your home could expand to allow in a little weed. recent polls show prop 19 will
4:56 pm
pass in november. though passage will require thousands of pot heads to find the motivation to get out and vote, and motivation is not their strong suit. all nine former dea administr e administrator are proving they're definitely not the kind of guys you invite to a party. it's already sort of legal in marijuana. it's one of 14 states that allow medical marijuana. in cali, anyone can get a medical marijuana ard. doctor, i have anxiety. here's a card. doctor, i have a headache, here's a card. doctor, i want a card. here's a card. but after decriminalization, reputable licensees will sell it, and hundreds of millions of tax dollars will flow into the state's pockets. and the police will no longer spend time and taxpayer dollars chasing, arresting and jailing people who are smoking something the world health organization poses a much less serious public health threat than alcohol and tobacco.
4:57 pm
weed doesn't inspire violence or reap mental or physical havoc like heroin or cocaine mchlt the history of the world, no one has ever died from an overdose of mary jane. if everyone who smoked weed graduated to other drugs, thoen most of us who were young in america in the '60s would now be hardcore drug addicts. the argument that marijuana use is a gateway to tother drugs is just slippery slope fear mongering. studies show an addictive personal is more predictive of becoming an addict than using cannabis. if you have addictive tendencies, you'll become an addict whether or not you smoke weed first. england, spain, italy and portugal also don't jail people for small amounts of weed. it's time america loosened up about mary, and tragically, dylan, the people who are railing the hardest against decriminalization are those who are most in need of a smoke.
4:58 pm
>> maybe we can launch a bake down your politician day. i mean that. talk to nate silver at 538. he says anybody in the country who ever smoked marijuana, always polls to be in favor of legalization. they're like, i wouldn't want to smoke it myself, but you can smoke it. anybody who has never smoked it, is like, well, you better not do that. >> it's horrible. >> so what i'm saying is, it might be time to go get some non pot smokers. a legalization bakedown. >> a different sort of million man march. >> exactly. >> i don't know. i don't know. i mean, you're right. that personal experience and saying, hey, it's not that big of deal, man. >> anybody who has had three glasses of wine. >> three, not even. maybe two. you made the point that the
4:59 pm
people who most don't -- or most against decriminalization, alcohol and beverages because they make a lot of money. we live in a sinister world where money controls the government, who stands the lose the most in the event of legalization of another escapist, mood enhancing drug of some kind, which marijuana is. >> they want to be our high. they don't want anybody else to cash in on their monopoly. >> only budweiser for you. is there anything you see in the entire debate, that you've heard in the debate that struck you as a credible reason not to legalize it? >> not really. i mean, like, free the police from chasing who aren't really doing anything immoral. more tax dollars in the states. >> is 60 bank account of the drugs coming from mexico? the whole drug war is marijuana based. >> i'm not sure this is going to end the drug war in mexico. that's one thing proponents are saying. >> sure. >> you're a skeptic on that one.


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